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      Company profile
      Hongshi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in February 2017 with a registered capital of 111 million yuan. It is a domestic company engaged in the field of communication technology, technology development, design, service and communication equipment, electronic product research and development, and manufacturing. The annual sales of the group are 10+ billion RMB, and the annual R&D investment is 5000+ million. Four companies under the group, four core businesses:
      1. Design and manufacture of smart image camera modules,
      2. Intelligent communication terminal ODM,
      3. Memory chips and storage devices,
      4. The third generation of semiconductor SiC wafers,
      The group has 550+ employees, and R&D accounts for 45%.
      Headquartered in Yancheng, Jiangsu, it is an intelligent imaging module R&D center and manufacturing base (capacity 6.4KK/M),
      The branch is located in Shenzhen and Shanghai. It is an ODM for smart communication terminals.
      Its products cover mobile phones, tablets, wearable devices and IoT products.
      In 2017, Hongshi Intelligent was founded, positioning intelligent imaging solutions
      Through the ISO9001:2015 authoritative system certification
      Through the ISO14001:2015 authoritative system certification Passed FOXCONN level 2 supplier certification
      In 2019, it passed Quanta Level 2 Supplier Certification Obtained Jiangsu Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Workshop
      In 2020, it passed the QC080000:2017 authoritative system certification
      The second phase of the plant was completed and put into operation
      Through the ASUS secondary supplier certification
      Through the Huaqin level 2 supplier certification

      Company culture

      Strategic partners

      Rainbow soft company is a leading global computational photography technology pioneer and solutions provider, the double perturbation algorithm at present in the world in the first position, especially in many domestic famous brand flagship models are applied, such as MI, VIVO, OPPO, hammer, cool, and so on. HongShi as rainbow soft areas in mainland China the only strategic partner, for the high order products, to provide one-stop solution for hardware + algorithm, so that we can reduce development costs and shorten the development cycle for the customer.

      Staff presence